Cherev Gidon - Israeli Tactical Training Academy
 Cherev Gidon, Israeli tactical training academy was established by Israeli combat veterans living in the US, who identified the need for high quality Israeli tactical shooting skills to be made available to American civilians.
Many Americans own and carry firearms, but how many actually have the skills to identify, engage, and neutralize a violent threat in a real-time scenario? Unfortunately, all too often relative novices with little or no firearms experience purchase and/or carry firearms believing that they will be able to take down a determined and well-armed attacker with relative ease, simply because he or she has practiced with their weapon at the range several times. In reality, without the proper training such a person can actually put themselves and those around them at risk rather than protect themselves or anyone else. As a result of the constant warfare and turbulent security situation in the region, Israel has developed and fine-tuned a system of combat shooting unequaled across the world. Israeli tactical shooting techniques are recognized internationally as the best and most advanced combat systems ever developed. Our mission is to provide average American civilians with the skills Israeli security personnel rely on for their survival and to defend the security of the state. The Second Amendment protects your right to own a gun. Cherev Gidon can give you the skills to use it. If you want to be truly prepared for a worst-case scenario, book a course with Cherev Gidon!
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